Micro Learning

Often referred as bite-sized learning, Microlearning is a quick learning nugget (of nearly 3-minutes). It is designed to meet a specific learning outcome. Widely employed as an informal learning tool focusing on performance development, it has a flexible learning approach and consists of short, concentrated modules.

Each Microlearning Module is self-standing concentrating on one learning objective.

Micro Learning Modules

Unlike e-learning Modules, it allows learners the freedom to take topics in the order of their choice. Thus the micro learning modules are driven by micro-steps via digital media environments. This approach benefits both the learners, as well as the trainers. Learning activities can be included in the daily routines -thereby overcoming the cognitive stress of the trainees. This method is gaining popularity as it not only works closely with traditional e-learning, but also caters bite size relevant content.

Benefits of Learning in Nuggets:

  • Enables trainees to learn in “bite-sized” format tailored as per their learning needs. Thus, the micro learning modules enhances engagement, encourages effective retention of knowledge, and its successful application.
  • It is an ideal solution for learners who cannot afford to enrol for an elaborate course -as micro learning allows learning at one's own pace.
  • Micro-learning technology solutions allows learners to enjoy a flexible learning schedule -whether they are at work, waiting for the MRT, stuck in traffic or in the comfort of their home.
  • The Micro-learning Courses can be delivered in various formats via different modes -such as Emails, online posts, short multimedia videos, forums etc.