The universal love for games is an undeniable fact, however, learning through games was perceived inappropriate and inconsistent with the corporate practice until recently. Training and Learning have positively evolved with this silver bullet of the 21st century – enabling us to fashion our learning with this novel idea.

It may involve elements of interactivity such as rewards, points, badges and more – to motivate the trainees. This game based mechanics not only keeps the learners entertained but also helps in increased engagement, better retention of knowledge and encourages them to be proactive in applying the knowledge gained.

Increased Engagement - Better Retention with Game-Based Learning

The Blended Learning Professionals’ gaming platform focuses on Interactivity, Engagement and the Objectives of learning. Thus, our Game-based e-learning courses have elements of gaming with traditional instruction. Our Developers have designed such courses on workplace scenarios or simulated out of office scenarios, to help learners to develop the capability to solve real work-related problems. We use components like stories, case studies, or interactive activities.

Our end-to-end design and development services for Game-Based Learning needs across industries has proved to be highly efficient to build skills and abilities through digital game-based learning, which in turn leads to efficiency and productivity.

Our Game based learning solutions include:

  • Top-notch quality design and development along with a thorough understanding of the learning approaches and the learner's demographics.
  • Features like social media, smartphones, gamification, assessments and analytics through games.
  • Processes like pattern recognition, collecting—accumulating badges, surprise and unexpected delight, organising and creating order, gifting.
  • Immersive, motivating and challenging games that are information and performance-based.
  • You can choose to have your entire e-learning program on the gaming platform or have nugget size games blended with conventional e-learning course. Our Team will help you customise your classes as per your learning objectives.