Types Of E-Learning

Online Learning comes in a variety of way and usually is a combination of the following:

Completely Virtual

Learning takes place with a virtual live classroom. As opposed to Instructor-led group, there is not classroom head-to-head discussions or training. It eliminates the need to travel, as the course materials are downloaded or streamed online.


Synchronous e-learning works in real-time and resembles a virtual classroom that allows learners to question, teachers to respond and clarify immediately through instant messaging (chat), teleconferencing and videoconferencing. With synchronized e-learning software or online courses, learners can interact with fellow students and lecturers during the program.


As opposed to Synchronous e-learning, it involves coursework delivered via the web, email and weblogs, threaded discussions, forums. In this scenario, learners finish the program at their own pace employing the internet merely as a medium of support.

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