The Sudden Emergence of Blended Learning


In the past few years, the way of approaching learning has drastically changed. Understanding the changes, training managers want to give personalized ways of knowledge experience to their learners to keep the training fresh and appealing. For that, blended learning approach is the best option, because it combines both face-to-face and online learning. Blended learning excites learners and creates interest with the engaging activities.

This style of learning encourages learners to take an active role and offers them with different types of instructional material. This method is cost-effective, time saving and creates opportunities to develop technology skills for both learners and trainers.

Another important feature of bended learning is, it provides flexibility to learners so that they can learn anywhere and at any time. It also helps the trainer to keep track of the learner’s progress and plan learning sessions according to the performace levels of learners.

Why Organizations you Choose Blended Learning over Classroom Learning?

  • Learners work at their own pace reduces the training time that results in increase in producticity.
  • Classroom learning is a one-time session for a single group of people whereas wider reach can be achieved in blended learing by delivering training to large number of learners.
  • Spending less time in the classroom also reduces training costs.
  • The concrete way to gain the missed knowledge is difficult in classroom training whereas it can be achieved easily in blended learning.
  • Learners have access to so many learning mediums and formats and instant feedback is given to them.
  • Blended learning makes the learning process more fun than face to face instruction.
  • The content can be updated easily and also it cuts down the cost of printing study material.
  • The style of learning significantly reduces the time required to re-train and update the trainers themselves.
  • It guarantees consistency and standardisation in the delivery of content.
  • Blending learning brings outs the best practices to increase the success of the training programs.


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  • Ashok Leyland.

  • Billroth Hospitals

  • Hyundai Motors

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